Pierre Reinhaus

There's nothing he can't get you



Sylph (Biomorph)

Striking Looks

+10 to social skill tests where beauty applies

Implant Effect
Anti-Glare No penalties for glare
Basic Biomods
Basic Mesh Inserts
Bioweave Armor (Light) + 2 / + 3 to armor
Clean Metabolism
Cortical Stack
Endocrine Control +30 modifier against the effects of hunger, fear, and any forms of emotional manipulation
+20 modifier to Deception
Ignore -10 from 1 wound
Enhanced Hearing +20 to Perception with hearing
Enhanced Pheromones +10 to Social tests, no impact on uplifts / xeno
Enhanced Respiration 0.2 atm to 5 atm with no impact
Enhanced Smell +20 to Kinesics or Perception
Enhanced Vision +20 to Perception with sight
Medichines Ignore effects of 1 wound
Muscle Augmentation +5 to SOM
Skin Pocket +30 concealment for small items
Temperature Tolerance -30C to +60C with no impact

(2x) Comfurt, (2x) Hither, Cleaners, Anonymous Account, Backup Insurance (mod), Passive ID Protection, Facial/Image Recognition, Relationship Mapping, Standard Muse, Helmet (full), Smart Vacsuit (standard) (w/ Ablative Patches, Chameleon Coating, Fireproofing, Immunogenic System, Lotus Coating, Offensive Armor, Refractive Glazing, Self-Healing, Shock Proof), Monofilament sword, Knife, Automatic Rifle (w/ Smartlink,Safety System, Extended Magazine, Imaging Scope, Flash Suppressor, Laser Sight, Silencer, Smart Magazine), Medium Pistol (w/ Smartlink,Safety System, Flash Suppressor, Laser Sight, Silencer, Smart Magazine), (120x) Homing Armor Piercing Rifle Rounds, (120x) Homing Hollow-Point Rifle Rounds, (24x) Homing Armor Piercing Pistol Rounds, (24x) Homing Hollow-Point Pistol Rounds

Credits: 12,998


Ego 20 10 15 10 20 15 20
Morph +5 +10 +10
Total 20 15 15 10 30 25 20


8 40 80 7 35 53 5 5 1 2

Ego Traits

Edited Memories

Memories lost due to uploading during the Fall.

Social Butterfly

+10 to Networking tests

Alcohol Addition (lvl 1)

Must drink weekly or suffer penalties equal to 1 wound

Jovian Black Mark

-30 to Networking and Social tests

Reclaimer Blacklisted

Cannot gain e-Rep


Extropian Judge


@-Rep 80
C-Rep 81
F-Rep 80
G-Rep 80
I-Rep 39

Knowledge Skills

Skill Ego Morph Total
Interest: Gambling 40 40
Interest: Gang Politics 61 61
Interest: Hypercorp Politics 61 61
Interest: Illicit Markets 61 61
Language: French 85 85
Language: Mandarin 50 50
Profession: Corporate Procurement 61 61
Profession: Customs Operations 35 35
Profession: Darkcast Operations 31 31
Profession: Distribution 36 36
Profession: Interplanetary Shipping 35 35
Profession: Smuggling Tricks 40 40

Active Skills

Skill Ego Morph Total
Blades (Swords) 60(70) +10 70(80)
Deception (Fast Talk) 50(60) +10 60(70)
Fray 60 60
Freefall 30 30
Freerunning 30 +10 40
Intimidation (Verbal) 40(50) +10 50(60)
Investigation 40 40
Kinesics (Judge Intent) 50(60) +10 60(70)
Kinetic Weapons (Automatic Rifle) 60(70) +5 65(75)
Networking: Autonomists 60 +10 70
Networking: Criminals 60 +10 70
Networking: Firewall 30 +10 40
Networking: Hypercorps (Mars) 60(70) +10 70(80)
Networking: Media / Glitterati 60 +10 70
Perception 40 40
Persuasion 60 +10 70
Pilot: Groundcraft 20 20
Protocol 60 +10 70


Name U-DO
10 10 20 10 10 10 10 4 20 40 6
Skill Value
Academics: Psychology 60
Art: Painting 40
Art: Sculpture 40
Hardware: Electronics 30
Infosec 30
Interfacing 40
Language: Arabic 40
Profession: Accounting 60
Programming 20
Perception 30
Research 30


Ranged Weapon Ammo Skill DV AP Modes Range Shots
Automatic Rifle Homing AP 95 2d10+4 -11 SA,BF,FA 150/250/500/900 30
Homing Hollow Pt. 95 3d10+6 -4
Medium Pistol Homing AP 85 2D10 -7 SA,BF,FA 10/30/50/70 6
Homing Hollow Pt. 85 3d10+2 0
Melee Weapon Skill DV AP
Knife 70 1D10+4 -1
Monofilament Sword 80 2D10+4 -4
Unarmed 25 1D10+2 0
Energy Armor Kinetic Armor
Smart Std VacSuit 18 12 Ablative Patches, Chameleon Coating, Fireproofing, Immunogenic System, Lotus Coating, Offensive Armor, Refractive Glazing, Self-Healing, Shockproof
Full Helmet +3 +3


+ Reuniting with family
+ Wealth
+ Self preservation

Background Summary

  • Successful megacorp Procurement Director before the Fall
  • Leveraged networks to egocast off Earth, left body behind
  • Cold storage for 5 years until re-instanced to support Mars Terraforming operations – obtaining supplies from various entities
  • Builds networks easily, quickly became hub for Hyper-elite, Criminals and Hypercorps to get things that either are not available on Mars or are unique
  • No love for hypercorps, but knows how to leverage the system and economy, hence not ready for change
  • Values self preservation over others


Born 70 years before The Fall, Pierre has never been the most popular person in any environment, but he’s always their best friend. Growing up in Western Europe, he had the uncanny ability to know everything that was going on, everyone’s secrets and just about everyone owed him something. Pierre put this skill at being a social hub to good use in his professional career, advancing to Director of Procurement of SXM, one of the last petrochemical megacorps. Pierre’s networks and negotiation skills enabled SXM to purchase the last remaining independent FCCU, monopolizing the production of light hydrocarbons needed to fuel the rapidly expanding nanofabrication industry. he was also instrumental in securing mothballed chemical plants to facilitate SXM’s retooling of its refining infrastructure to manufacture specialty chemicals to maximize Earth’s quickly disappearing oil reserves.

In 35 BF, Pierre married Celeste Reinhaus in an extragant ceremony in the south of France. It was one of the last seaside weddings before the Med swallowed up the French coast. 15 years later, thanks to the advances in medical technology and Pierre’s considerable connections, Celeste bore him twins, a boy, Bertrand Reinhaus, and a girl, Chazine Reinhaus, in 20 BF.

The Fall hit the Reinhause family quickly, surprising and without remorse. Chazine Reinhaus was in her 2nd year of university studies at New York University when the TITANs struck. Pierre never heard from her. Celeste Reinhaus and Bertrand Reinhaus were skiing in the Italian Alps that day. Pierre was able to contact his wife and son, leveraged his corporate connections to get them ego casted off Earth via a Swiss farcaster. TITAN headhunters attacked and decapitated everyone in that ego casting facility hours after they arrived. In the confusion, Pierre was never able to confirm that they arrived at the facility or were successfully evacuated. He holds out hope to this day that his wife and son are simply lost among the masses in dead storage.

Having reached Director level in SXM, Pierre was considered high value by the megacorp. As such, he was wisked away from a drilling contract negotiation in North Africa when humanity’s exodus began. Unfortunately, SXM had no offworld holdings and no plan beyond getting high value colleagues to farcasting facilities. Pierre’s mind was scanned and transmitted to Mars with no plan for what to do next. SXM did not survive The Fall and Pierre found himself in dead storage.

In 5 AF, the Tharsis Terraforming Office (TTO) found itself being out flanked by hypercorps trying to take control of Martian terraforming in the name of the Planetary Consortium. In a last ditch effort to keep the barabarians at bay, the TTO searched the Martian dead storage vaults for indentures it could use to rapidly expand its capabilities. Pierre’s mind was released from dead storage and placed in a 5 year infomorph indenture to secure material needed. He quickly learned his new environment and did what he always did. Except now, social networks have economic value. Pierre was able to amass enough credits and c-rep to buy out his contract in 2 years. However, indenture wasn’t without its advantages as Pierre abused the TTO’s time accelerated simulspaces to become a crack marksman and expert swordsman.

In 7 AF, Pierre found his second calling in life. Not only was he able to make connections rapidly throughout Mars and the surrounding habitats, but he found that those in the know always needed someone to fix mistakes, issues and problems. Combining his skill to get anything anyone would ever want with his new found weapons skills, Pierre became a freelance fixer as well as procurer.

As Pierre built up his reputation with the Martian underworld and hypercorp elite, his ego began to swell. The New Shanghai Triads saw that Pierre could be exceedingly useful, but Pierre’s hubris could be his undoing. So the Triads set up a job that would provide some laughs and increase Pierre’s value to them. They offered him a job moving nanoswarms into the Jovian Republic. The payout was larger than life, especially for moving something as trivial as basic cleaner nanoswarms. Pierre took the bait and quickly found that moving contraband into Jovian space is not like bringing open source blueprints into Mars. Needless to say the Triads got their laugh, taught Pierre humility and pissed off the Junta.

Smarting from a good, but painful, lesson learned, Pierre continued to build contacts with the Outer System anarchists, as most of his clients on Mars wanted things they couldn’t get from a hypercorp or personal nanofabber. The most prized of these items are of course relics from Earth. Pierre’s been able to utilize both criminal and hypercorp connections to get baseball cards, lamps, art and XP recordings from Earth. His efforts to make Mars home to humanity, despite not having any ideological underpinning, has not endeared him to the Reclaimer movement. In fact, they won’t even give Pierre the time of day.

In 9 AF, Pierre had mastered the fine art of finding the unfindable and getting it clandestinely to his client. These skills and Pierre’s reputation first brought him to Firewall’s attention. A sentinel that can procure equipment or information in any environment is exceptionally valuable to the conspiracy. During Firewall’s initial recruitment investigation, Pierre executed a textbook clean up job for a Martian Hypercorp elite. After a night with an octopi uplift that was recorded, the uplift threatened to expose the hypercorp elite’s preferences, which would have brought down the whole hypercorp. Classic case of needing a freelance fixer. Pierre cleaned up the mess and turned a potentially explosive scandal into a simple missing person – 1 among millions. Connections, combat skills and the ability to pull it off quietly, Firewall found a new member.

Pierre’s rise as that guy that can get you anything as well as make your bad decision go away has come with a price. Unfortunately the octopus uplift that he disappeared that so impressed Firewall was a sibling of a Extropian Judge. While the Judge doesn’t know who killed its sibling and Pierre doesn’t know someone is looking for him, its only a matter of time…

Over the last year, Pierre has slowly built a solid reputation within The Eye. HIs server recently nominated him to lead a sentinel team in Valles-New Shanghai. Although, lead is a loose term in Firewall, its more that he’s the face of the team and provides its connection to the proxy.

Pierre currently resides in a small pod apartment in New Pittsburgh. He generally carries his pistol, knife and monofilament sword, fashioned like a black, single bladed medival sword, while clad in smart standard vacsuit. When on a clean up mission, Pierre packs more firepower, namely his automatic rifle.

Pierre Reinhaus

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