Sawa Lee

Inquisitive science geek.



Melee Weapon Skill DV AP
Unarmed 30 1d10 +5 0
Knife 75 1d10b +7 -1
Ranged Weapon Skill DV AP Modes Range Shots
Particle Beam Bolter 70 2d10 +4 -2 SA 30/100/150/300 50
Laser Pulser 70 2d10 0 SA 30/100/150/250 100
Thrown 15 0d10 0 SS 0 Special
Common Aptitude Skill
Brute Strength 90
Composure/Resolve 90
Idea (COG) 75
Memorise/Remember 75
Integration 90
Continuity 90
Alienation 60
Resist Intimidation 70
Catch Thrown Object 40
Escape Artist 45
Idea (INT) 60
VS. Social 70
Close Combat Fray 65
Ranged Combat Fray 33
VS. PSI 60
Resist Persuasion 70
  • Gear
    • Blueprints
      • Particle Beam Bolter
      • Laser Pulser
    • Backup insurance
    • Standard Muse
    • Armor Clothing
      • Fireproofing
      • Self-Healing
    • Light Combat Armor
      • Fireproofing
      • Self-Healing
    • Knife
    • Particle Beam Bolter
      • Smartlink
      • Safety System
      • Imaging Scope
      • Shock Safety
    • Laser Pulser
      • Smartlink
      • Safety System
      • Gyromount
      • Shock Safety

TLDR: Barsoomian, intelligent triple doctorate holding martian woman; interested in discovering the truth of humanity’s evolution and perceived immortality. Also, father is in unknown location, mother is dead from some accident.

Well you have to do something sly to make a living these days. Once I thought that the world was good and once my family was a whole unit. Now? Well, I’m no scum, just an orphan of circumstance. Some say that blood is thicker than water, and I’ve seen my share of mind blowing shit, but in the end nothing lasts forever. Somethings can be too good. So good that they have to end, otherwise it would be abnormal. Having the odds skewed in our favor for so long, well our luck was bound to run out sometime.

Now, if not for bad luck I would have none. My debts follow me and the deals that were made to get me here need to be paid up. That’s why I make my runs, into the TQZ. Maybe pick up something valuable and hopefully not get robbed or worse in the process. There’s an old facility there and the directions escape me. Memories can be difficult to recall…memories can be manipulated, too. I’m always wary. Could be I just haven’t found my true death, yet.

What would my father say about this? Am I living a life that would make him proud?..Probably not but, he’s not around anymore. We used to work together. Studying TITAN Tech before and after the fall. Then the accident involving mom. He was acting funny for a day or two afterwards then disappeared. He was always there, then nothing. Leaving no trace that he ever existed…except for that weird look the last time I saw him…that weird light behind his eyes…I will always remember that look.

What was that all about, and will I ever see him again?

Sawa Lee

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